Militan.co.id – Lowongan Medical Representative Lamongan PT Combiphar, Combiphar was founded in 1971 as a home industry in Bandung, West Java producing antibiotics, analgesics and the legendary OBH Combi cough syrup. In 1983, a larger manufacturing facility was established in Padalarang, West Java to support its growth.

In 1985, two important figures in the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Indonesia, DR. Biantoro Wanandi – Doctor of Natural Sciences from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich Switzerland who also served as Chief, Drug Policies and Management Unit at the World Health Organization (WHO) and Bapak Hamadi Widjaja – a graduate from INSEAD Fountainebleau in France, started a new era in Combiphar with one huge vision: to provide better access to the public through quality medicine. Through their leadership, Combiphar continued to grow and expand through a focused strategy and keen ability to take advantage of the opportunities even during the economic turbulence, a period which marked a significant turning point particularly in the history of OBH Combi’s nation-wide growth.

In response to Company’s increasingly rapid growth potential, Combiphar’s new vision “Championing a Healthy Tomorrow” has given birth to numerous business expansion opportunities outside of its main focus in prescription and over-the-counter categories, allowing the company to enter new business growth opportunities in nutrition and bio-research.

Through the years, Combiphar has successfully established cooperation with international pharmaceutical companies from 18 countries across the globe, and today, is a trusted partner for these multi-national companies through licensing agreement and joint-venture. Through these partnerships, Combiphar undergoes regular quality control audits and is routinely equipped with the newest training and skills from its international counterparts, further strengthening its foundation in prioritizing the highest in quality.

Tugas :

  • Mengunjungi, mempromosikan dan meyakinkan dokter di area yang sudah ditentukan agar user (dokter) menggunakan produk Combiphar
  • Menjalankan operasi sales untuk mencapai target
  • Memastikan semua dokter yang berpotensi di area sudah dikunjungi sesuai klasifikasinya
  • Membuat laporan aktifitas penjualan dan pemasaran
  • Bersedia ditempatkan di Combiphar cabang Lamongan
    • Pendikan Minimal S1 semua jurusan, freshgraduated atau berpengalaman di bidang yang sama maksimal 3 tahun
    • Minimal IPK 2.75
    • Maksimal usia 25 tahun untuk fresh graduate dan 28 tahun untuk yang berpengalaman di bidang yang sama
    • Memiliki kemampuan sales dan marketing
    • Memiliki wawasan dan pengetahuan di industri farmasi
    • Memiliki SIM C yang masih aktif
    • Diutamakan yang berdomisili di Lamongan dan wilayah sekitarnya


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